Panther Mountain – October 10, 2015

Alex was up for the weekend and Jenn had contacted us wanting to get outside, so we all decided to meet in the Piseco Lake area to do a few hikes.


We rose early and drove through Lake Pleasant stopping at Sunrise Diner for breakfast. Two coffees, two eggs and toast, two eggs, homefries, and toast, and yoghurt and granola = less than $13. Yum!


With no service we chose a place to meet Jenn and drove down the road attempting to find the Panther Mountain trail entrance. It’s just West of the entrace to Little Sand Point campground, #99 on National Geographic Map #744.


The hike is a steep 0.6 miles with a spectacular view at the summit. We of course enjoyed a summit beer. Be mindful on the descent, one in our party slipped and we passed another who limped halfway down after a slip.





At the end we walked through the camp site and down to the water.


Next, we headed off to Good Luck Lake.

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