Spruce Mountain – October 17, 2015

If my sources are correct, Spruce Mountain was previously accessed through a private land trail requiring landowner permission. The DEC recently cut a new trail on public land allowing public access, and re-opened the tower. A such the National Geographic map is outdated. I arrived around 08:00 and hunters were parked at the entrance. I was warned there were many hunters in and around the trail, but I encountered none after leaving the trailhead.



The trail is obviously new and easily lost at times. It’s a moderate to difficult grade at times, but over good terrain. I was the sole hiker at the summit, which allowed for a great moment of solitude atop the tower. It was windy and chilly; with ice on the wooden tower stairs. There is a great view of Saratoga Lake, but I was unable to get a good photograph.






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