Renaissance Number Two

I’ve previously written of experiencing a photographic renaissance, whereas my yearly exposure count doubled. Yes, the exposure was “a process I love[d]” (see previous link). It is apparent that in 2012 my number of exposures rose significantly.

Yearly Exposures
year exposures
2010 409
2011 656
2012 1473
2013 94
2014 226
2015 364

Yet that ignored the processing, scanning, and deliberation. Which, as of recent, has been tumultuous. Furthermore, the exposure has become preemptively overwhelmed. “Is this the proper exposure?” “Will the processing ruin my exposure?” “Will dust ruin the digitization?”

Subsequently; I announce a second renaissance. My process has changed significantly: capture equipment, development, and digitization. After many frustrations, I’ve found some pleasing results. Perhaps my process will reintroduce the ultimate analog: printing.


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