A welcome explanation

I’ve had somewhat of a personal renaissance with photography this year. My rate of capturing images and developing film has experienced an exponential rise, which will soon plateau off if only for the sake of my wallet. I’ve sold cameras I don’t use, bought new (old) ones, bought new lenses, bought old lenses, I’ve tried new developers, new techniques, and been reading a lot. Ever since I started in high school, I could always make a decent photograph. Funny how now I realize how little I knew back then about how a camera works and what actually makes a photograph.

The reason for this new section to the dot org is that I’ve felt unfulfilled. I take photos (a process I love), develop them (a necessary nuisance), scan them, and then look at them. It seems sort of anti-climactic. So I wanted something more. Hence, this new installation. What will come of it, I do not know. I want to post some of my frames here, maybe detail some of my experiences in a blog form. This isn’t really a means to an end, but more of an exploratory affair. We’ll see where it ends up, but let’s just hope it brings more good than not.


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