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Cessation of Hiatus

One-point-five years later, a renaissance of film. Many developments have occurred in my emotional relationship with film. Some good, some bad, some regression, minimal progress. The stress of professional schooling requires an outlet, which has been missing almost entirely for too long. And so a new roll was ordered, chemicals. And the spools are loaded and entered into the backs of cameras, replacing spools which might have been loaded years prior. Where this goes is uncertain; probably another hiatus…just a matter of when.



I’m all done developing for 2012. Well, I have about two finished rolls to develop and a bunch of color; but I left my equipment at home to take a break while I’m visiting folks. And so: a random smattering of images from my life of 2012.

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Lake Desolation Medium Format

I’ve had a bit of a medium format renaissance, mainly because my aunt gave me a trash bag filled with film. Most of it is expired, but who’s to let that stop them? I’ve been through a few rolls in the last month or so.

This frame is rather simple, and it’s a simple scene. This is Lake Desolation, not far from my folks house. A great place for a leisurely drive or not so leisurely bicycle ride (due to the 1200′ climb). Note the scanning artifact; gotta work on that.

Digital processing of a film negative

I use film. But this is a blog. So obviously, I must digitize those negatives somehow. It’s kind of like a romantic relationship that you can’t quite quit and aren’t sure how serious it is, so you just refrain from speaking of it. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the whole issue. I only just recently increased my scanning resolution, yielding ~30mb files for a 35mm frame; a 14 megapixel equivalent. Why? Really, because I have the hard drive space and I don’t want to be bothered with re-scanning in the future. In college I didn’t want to take a formal course and be judged on my technique, which might include reducing dust and artifacts. Now, my digital processing mainly pertains to removing those blemishes in addition to a bit of tone control. Those artifacts in a digital representation really bother me. I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact this is my only form of processing or presentation after the frames have been developed. If nothing else, these unorganized thoughts exemplify my unease with the situation. Alas, I offer before (infant scans) and afters.