I’m all done developing for 2012. Well, I have about two finished rolls to develop and a bunch of color; but I left my equipment at home to take a break while I’m visiting folks. And so: a random smattering of images from my life of 2012.

2012_m04-november_09 2012_47-december_27 2012_46-december_18 2012_45-june_22 2012_44-december_11 2012_43-september_020 2012_42-june_010 2012_36-may_020 2012_35-may_032 2012_35-may_012 2012_32-may_021 2012_31-may_043 2012_28-april_009 2012_28-april_001 2012_26-april_028 2012_24-april_016 2012_21-april_016 2012_21-april_002 2012_20-march_027 2012_14-march_21 2012_12-march_10 2012_11-march_08

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